Green Environmental Policy

Green TourismThe Drovers Rest Restaurant and J & R Cooking School Masterclasses supplies lunches, dinners and afternoon teas and cooking classes and accommmodation also open to residents and general public for tourism and business.

We would appreciate your help with our sustainability by using the eco-friendly products provided and reducing the use of water and the reduction of the use of fresh towells. We also use Fairtrade products on our complimentary trays. To save on packaging we supply fresh milk so please ask on arrival.

We purchase our food supplies organically where possible. We use sustainable and line caught fish. We are supplied locally with Irfon Valley Lamb, Welsh Black Beef and locally reared pork.

Our main raw materials are paper, plastics foil, cardboard, glass, cooking oil and food. Our paper is recycled to minimise natural resources, this includes napkins, doilys, computer paper, old magazines, newspapers, envelopes, paper table covers and any packaging. We also recycle the stamps. We make sure that computer paper is used on both sides and spare used paper is re-used for orders for the restaurant.

We have designed special areas for storage of potential harmful material to minimise the risk of environmental pollution in the event of spillage e.g. waste cooking oil, stored in waste area placed in a bung. Used batteries are stored in a box in the restaurant store cupboard to be taken back to Currys electrical department. Used energy lightbulbs go to J&P Refuse Displosal Unit. The energy bulbs are stored in the restaurant cupboard. All glass bottles are placed in a recycling bin for collection by a local recycling firm who use this glass for garden products (please see literature).

Regarding cardboard for deliveries, our policy is to return the cardboard to our suppliers which all suppliers have agreed to.

Biodegradable food waste e.g. peelings is placed in a special sealed container and collected on a 3 day basis by a local gardener for compost who is into pro-organic growing. All other cooked and meat carcasses are placed in general waste covered by our policy with Powys County Council.

By putting domestic appliances on a timer and using night-time timers cut down on our annual usage.

We only purchase goods as and when needed minimising on storage and making sure of rotation.

We have worked very hard to be energy efficient our heating system is a Worcester Green Star CDI Boiler that works to save 90.1% rating A.

We are trying our best to minimise use of electricity and water, which we realise is a natural precious resource.

Staff training is on-going and all departments are made aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental issues within our business and are given opportunities to improve our objectives.

We display our Green Policy Statement in a prominent position within the business. IF REQUIRED FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE ASK TO VIEW OUR POLICY FILE.

A Green Champion for Llanwrtyd Wells

Following his recent success in achieving a Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award for the Drovers Rest Restaurant, Peter James has now yet another success to his credit. Peter has been recognised as one of 52 'Green Champions for 2010/11' across Wales, an independent, not-for-profit organisation that promotes sustainable development. The 'Green List of Champions' is all about recognising those people who are leading the way on sustainable development, inspiring others to do the same and providing living proof that one person really can make a difference. Peter primarily won his ward through the way he sources local food and promotes local growers in the area, as well as helping the fishing environment by using sustainable and line-caught fish to maintain stocks within his restaurant business and J & R Cooking School.



The Drovers Rest, The Square, Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys LD5 4RA. Tel: 01591 610264


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